Cracking the Aging Code

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Welcome back to the Ironman Executive Podcast where today we talk with Josh Mitteldorf, he is both a researcher and science writer. He recently released a book called Cracking the Aging Code which not only transformed my perspectives on aging but will bring awareness and knowledge into your own understanding of aging.

Learn the importance of epigenetics in aging as we discuss current research, research that may happen over the short term and long term in the science world in regards to how reversing aging may be possible.

Caloric Restriction

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Why We Age

Most professionals either believe it is the process of metabolism building up, there is the mathematical program or idea that it is within our cells and make up to age and the last is one of the evolutionary biology community where if it happens it must be good for us and our bodies just evolve alongside of everything else.

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We discuss examples of animals and creatures that use high energy and show no signs of ‘wearing out’ or aging compared to others that may die within only a few years of being born.

Importance of Epigenetics in Aging

We have the same genes all through out our life with epigenetics its all about what genes get turned on and when. That same program continues into our old age, aging is a continuation of the epigenetic program into a self destructive age.

As research continues let’s look at the genes that are self destructive: inflammation, autoimmunity, the thymus gland that produces/trains T cells for our immune system shrinks with our age and the telomeres also get shorter with our age. To prevent these modes of self destruction there needs to be a solution to block these pathways from doing what they would naturally do – poison the body as the individual ages.

Is there a way to get rid of the cells that are senescence (dying off slowly) and overtaking room for healthy and viable cells to prosper.

Be informed on what chances for anti-aging you are taking. Listen to research and the experts who have spent many years in this field before self-experimenting.

Josh’s recommendation for maintaining a longevity lifestyle are:

  • Vitamin D (without it you are susceptible to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Get a blood test for your Vitamin D levels and get them as close to 100 as you can. Most Americans are around the 10 or 20 mark and the recommended level is 30 and above.
  • Magnesium has many benefits for your brain aging.
  • Interval training: jump ropes, sprints, push ups a couple of times a day especially before you eat. Has powerful short term effects and long term benefits of getting your heart rate up every day.


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